Textile Expert & Towel Aficionado

Suze Dowling

Exploring the World of Textiles with a Focus on Towel Perfection. Towel Industry Entrepreneur.

Areas of expertise

  • Towel Manufacturing

  • Entrepreneurship in the Textile Industry

  • Innovative Towel Design


Meet Suze Thompson, the visionary behind Onsen Towels and a driving force in the towel industry. Suze's journey into textiles began with the creation of her own business, where she not only mastered the art of towel manufacturing but also reshaped the industry landscape with her innovative approach.

As the founder of Onsen Towels, Suze has learned the intricacies of towel craftsmanship through hands-on experience and a commitment to quality. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to build a business that places emphasis on creating towels that marry functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Suze's expertise goes beyond the factory floor; she is a pioneer in innovative towel design and production techniques. Through Onsen, she has introduced unique weaves, fabrics, and finishing touches that redefine the standard for luxurious towels. Suze's dedication to creating an exceptional product has earned Onsen a reputation for delivering towels that embody both comfort and elegance.

In addition to her role as an entrepreneur, Suze shares her industry insights through articles and reviews. Her unique perspective as a business owner adds depth to her analysis of towels, providing consumers with valuable information while offering fellow entrepreneurs a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of building a successful towel brand.

Follow Suze's journey as she continues to shape the towel industry with Onsen, exploring new frontiers in towel design, manufacturing, and business innovation. Outside of her business endeavors, Suze enjoys collaborating with other industry professionals, attending trade shows, and staying on the cutting edge of textile trends.

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