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Create Your At-Home Onsen Oasis

We at Onsen believe bathing is much more than a routine–it
should relax and rejuvenate, preparing us to enjoy daily life. 

In Japan, the ritual of soaking in a natural hot spring bath cleanses both the body and the mind.

Inspired by our founder’s Japanese heritage, we craft our towels with this tradition and intention in mind. So even if you can’t experience a traditional Japanese onsen, our towels are here to help you create one at home.

Set the scene.

Traditional onsen are about atmosphere as much as bathing. Stage your own tranquil ritual environment by ensuring you have quiet time for your bath. Wash in a cool shower to stimulate the senses. Try meditating for a calm frame of mind.

Add black or dark towels.

Evoking mystery, enlightenment, and power, a pop of black creates a luxurious onsen setting.

Black provides contrast in stark spaces, such as a bright white bathroom, where it makes the space feel a bit cozier and more intimate.

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Invite nature in.

Traditional onsen are located outdoors. Adding natural elements such as stone, wood, or greenery to your onsen setting enhances its restorative effects.

Steam from the bath activates beneficial properties in plants like eucalyptus, too.

Use mineral salts.

Minerals are essential to an onsen bath. You can find onsen salts online to recreate natural onsen water. And be sure to use hot water–indoor onsen water temperatures reach up to 108°F!

Enjoy aromatherapy benefits.

Enhance the tranquil atmosphere of your onsen with incense.

Choose a scent, such as Sandalwood or Hinoki, that allows you to completely let go, so you can connect, ground, and center while you soak.

Waffle Bath Towel Set

Our signature Waffle towel provides superior absorption in a lightweight towel that lasts a lifetime. The super strong Supima® cotton gives the towel a resilience that means it’ll do its job just as well on day one as it will the last day of its life. And thanks to the open weave it dries out quickly after each use, so you’ll never reach for a wet, musty towel after a shower again.


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Get started with the softest, most absorbent towels, inspired by the functional luxury of traditional Japanese hot spring baths.

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