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Better basics for your daily routines

Isn’t it worth it to pay attention to the things we rely on for our daily routines? Humans are, after all, creatures of habit. Our days are defined by the unique experiences every day brings, but our daily routines are the glue that holds it all together. For the ones that depend on a product—a towel for the shower, a journal for morning pages—you need something that feels good to use, does its job without any fuss, and keeps on doing its job for the life of the product.
At Onsen, before we even get to the drawing board on a new product, we ask ourselves what it gets right, what it gets wrong, and how we can craft a solution with purpose. We make basics that are exceptionally useful so you don’t even have to think about them, and can focus on the experiences that make life worth living.



Growing up hapa in Japan - samurai

How my heritage inspired a better towel

Hi, I'm Shane. I used to hate getting out of the shower and using a towel I didn’t like. I founded Onsen to restore this overlooked essential to its rightful place: the foundation of a more enjoyable shower. Because better basics elevate daily routines into joyful rituals. And thoughtfully designed products are the ones we reach for again and again. 
I’m half-Japanese, and if there’s one thing I learned from the time I spent living and working there, it’s the incredible value placed on product functionality. The type of stuff that we use in our everyday routines without thinking about it—that is, we don’t think about it until the thing stops doing its job and turns a daily routine into a daily headache.

Our mission

Onsen exists to restore the value of overlooked basics through smarter, functional design.

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