You, Me, and Japan

Growing up I was greatly influenced by the Japanese culture (it's in my blood!). It wasn't until later while working in Tokyo when I noticed how much value was placed on product quality. Instinctively quick to criticize, both users and makers expect products to be crafted with care and get the job done.

This taught me two things about quality: Learn what people love/hate about a product, and then craft the solution with purpose.

With valuable feedback from friends and family in hand, I turned to the specialists in Japan for inspiration.

By the way, I'm Shane. My love for well-made products grew exponentially while working with Japanese distributors importing international brands. They were very picky about the brands they'd work with, but even more so with each product offered by the brand. Without compromise, it was all about getting the basics right.

My eyes were opened to a whole new way of looking at products, and I've been obsessed ever since.

Why Onsen?

As creatures of habit our days are defined by the basics in life. So isn't it worth paying attention to the tools we rely on for our daily routines?

I started Onsen because better basics make for better living.

I obsess over quality materials and purposeful design so that you end up with something exceptionally useful. It's my mission to help you achieve your best life possible.


Try the towel that's made to last.