Plush Bath Towel

Sale price $ 40


Wrap up in our Wovey collection with our new Plush Towel that brings 5-star hotel-level luxury to your daily routine. Made in Turkey of the softest Aegean cotton, our ultra-fluffy Plush Towels bring you a luxurious post-shower experience, surrounding you in cozy comfort. 

  • Made of 100% Turkish-grown Aegean cotton
  • Luxuriously hefty, our Plush Towels give you the feel of being wrapped in a warm hug
  • Available in four sizes for all of your linen closet needs
  • Three modern neutrals blend beautifully in any bathroom
  • Dimensions: 30 x 56 in

    A different kind of towel that’s luxuriously soft, really absorbent, and dries like its job depends on it

    Our process

    Strong fibers

    Strength testing of fibers to
    guarantee a long-lasting towel

    Waffle weave

    Supima yarns woven into our
    signature lightweight waffle weave

    Quality edges

    Edges bound and finished by a
    human being to ensure quality

    Garment washed

    Garment washed for softness
    and a relaxed, open weave

    QC for consistency

    Quality checked for consistent
    stitching, loose threads, and size

    Laundry testing

    Washing/drying tests that check for
    shrinkage, strength, and colorfastness

    Onsen towel in Ochre draped over wooden bench
    Onsen towel in Black draped over side of bath tub
    Waffle weave closeup - Denim Blue Onsen Towel
    Set of Onsen Towels in White on a stool