3 Ways to Hang Towels in the Bathroom

December 17, 2023

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Suze Dowling

3 Ways to Hang Towels in the Bathroom

Hanging bathroom towels may seem mundane to many of us, but at Onsen, we believe that even life's basic activities can be improved through smarter and highly functional design. Our goal is to provide you with useful information that will make your life easier, freeing up your time so you can focus on the important things in life.

Let’s explore various ways to hang towels in your bathroom, from towel bars to hooks, racks, and more. Whether you have a small bathroom or a spacious powder room, there are options to suit every need and style. 

Say goodbye to wet towels on the floor or towels crammed into limited closet space. Our tips and techniques will help you transform your towel-hanging routine into a practical and aesthetically pleasing experience.

Towel Hanging Basics

To choose the towel hanging option that’s best for your household, it's essential to understand the purpose and functionality of different towel hanging options. 

Let's explore some basics:

Understanding the Purpose of Towel Bars & Racks

Towel bars and racks serve as reliable options for hanging towels in your bathroom. The towel bar, a classic choice, offers a sleek and convenient solution. It allows towels to hang horizontally, providing easy access and efficient drying.

On the other hand, towel racks come in various styles, including wall-mounted or freestanding options. These racks offer versatility, allowing towels to be hung vertically and creating a visually appealing display. Opt for a rack that suits your home decor, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Choosing the Right Towel Hooks & Rings

For those with limited wall space or a preference for a more casual look, towel hooks and rings are excellent alternatives. Hooks offer a hassle-free way to hang towels, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms or even shared living spaces. They save space and add a touch of modern simplicity to your bathroom design.

Towel rings, on the other hand, are small and compact, perfect for hand towels, washcloths, or decorative towels. They can be placed strategically near sinks or in the corners of your bathroom, offering easy access to hand-drying essentials.

When selecting hooks or rings, consider the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Choose materials and finishes that complement your existing decor or make a statement with bold and unique designs.

Using Towel Hangers & Hanger Pockets

For those seeking innovative and space-saving towel-hanging solutions, towel hangers and hanger pockets are worth considering. Towel hangers combine the functionality of hooks with the added benefit of hanging pockets. These pockets can be used to store small items like washcloths or toiletries while keeping towels neatly hung.

On the other hand, hanger pockets are versatile fabric pockets that can be hung from towel bars or hooks. These pockets create additional storage space without requiring much wall space. They are a practical choice, especially for bathrooms with limited storage options.

Now that we've covered the basics of towel hanging, let's move on to explore various techniques to elevate your towel display strategies. In the next section, we’ll look at the art of folding and draping towels, DIY towel display ideas, and maximizing space in small bathrooms.

Towel Hanging Techniques

Now that you understand the basics, let's dive into some creative towel-hanging techniques to maximize functionality.

Folding & Draping Towels

Folding towels in unique and appealing ways can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Consider folding bath towels into neat rectangles or squares for a classic and clean look. This method works well for towel racks or shelves, allowing towels to be stacked neatly and visually pleasing.

For a more relaxed and casual vibe, drape towels over towel bars or hooks. This approach works particularly well for hand towels and washcloths. Experiment with different draping styles, such as folding the towel in half or leaving it partially folded while letting it hang in a loose and effortless manner.

DIY Towel Display Ideas

Why not get creative and embrace some do-it-yourself (DIY) towel display ideas? Try incorporating decorative elements like ribbons, rope, or even small potted plants to enhance the visual appeal of your towel hanging. For example, you can tie decorative ribbons around folded towels or attach small planters to the towel bar for a touch of greenery.

Another DIY idea is to repurpose old picture frames. Remove the glass or backing, and attach them to the wall. Fold your towels neatly and place them within the frames for a unique and stylish display. This budget-friendly idea lets you express your creativity while adding a personal touch to your bathroom decor.

Maximizing Small Bathroom Spaces

If you're dealing with a small bathroom, fear not! There is a variety of space-saving towel-hanging options to make the most of your limited room. Consider utilizing wall-mounted towel racks or hooks to maximize vertical space. Install them near the shower to keep towels within easy reach without taking up valuable floor space.

Another tip for small bathrooms is to utilize the back of your bathroom door. Attach towel hooks or racks to these surfaces to hang towels discreetly and capitalize on otherwise unused space.

Freestanding towel racks are also great for small bathrooms since you can position them wherever you have a spare corner. These racks provide an elegant towel storage and display solution without the need for wall installation.

You can transform your small bathroom into a functional and stylish haven by employing these techniques.

Towel Care & Maintenance

Whether you have bath sheets or bath towels, proper care and maintenance are important to ensure their longevity and continued freshness. Bath towels are ideal for daily use, while bath sheets provide extra coverage and are perfect for wrapping yourself in luxury. Investing in both will ensure you have the right towel for every occasion. 

Consider the following tips:

Proper Handling of Wet Towels

After use, hang wet towels on towel bars, towel warmers, or hooks to facilitate quick and efficient drying. Avoid leaving them in a damp pile or crammed in a hamper, as this can lead to unpleasant odors and mildew. Additionally, wash towels regularly to maintain their cleanliness and freshness.

Monogramming & Personalizing Towels

Add a personal touch to your towel collection by monogramming them. This adds a touch of sophistication and prevents mix-ups in shared living spaces. Whether it's your initials or a unique design, monogrammed towels add a personalized element to your towel display, whether in a master bath or guest bathroom.

Storing Towels When Not in Use

Consider storing your towels in designated linen closets or cabinets when you're not using your towels. Keep them neatly folded to maintain their intended shape. Place scented sachets or dryer sheets among your linens to infuse a fresh scent if possible.

Additionally, keep separate sets of towels for guests or special occasions. Having these readily available will showcase your attention to detail and hospitality.

By following these towel care and maintenance practices, you'll prolong the life of your towels, ensuring that they remain fresh, functional, and aesthetically pleasing for years.

The Takeaway

We've covered a multitude of ways to hang towels in your bathroom, from towel bars and racks to hooks, hangers, and more. By incorporating these techniques, you can create a functional and stylish towel-hanging system that suits your bathroom's and family’s unique needs.

Remember, towel folding and draping techniques allow you to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom decor, while DIY towel display ideas provide opportunities for creativity and personalization. Maximize your bathroom storage for smaller rooms with wall-mounted options or freestanding towel racks. Proper towel care and maintenance ensure their longevity and continued freshness.

At Onsen, we believe that even the little things can greatly enhance your daily experiences. By implementing these towel-hanging tips, you'll elevate your bathroom's functionality and aesthetic appeal, transforming it into a space where you can truly focus on the joyful moments of life.

So experiment with different towel hanging techniques, and enjoy the satisfaction of a well-organized and stylish bathroom. Your towels deserve to be displayed with pride, showcasing your attention to detail and dedication to improving life's basics.

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