Everything You Need to Know About Supima® Cotton

December 27, 2023

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Suze Dowling

Everything You Need to Know About Supima® Cotton

We might not think much about it in our daily lives, but cotton affects almost all of us each day. From the clothes we wear to work to the pajamas that comfort us at day’s end, cotton touches a lot of what we do. But how much do we know about the fabric we wear daily? Let’s take a look.

What Is Supima Cotton?

When it comes to cotton, fiber length determines the quality. Most cotton apparel and textiles on the market are made from the short-staple variety. However, to create something truly exceptional, luxurious, and built to last, extra-long-staple Supima® is the only way to go. 

Supima stands among the rarest and sought-after fibers globally, ranking in the top one percent of fine cotton. Thanks to its extra-long fibers that are 50 percent longer than conventional cotton, this type of cotton can be spun into the softest, strongest, and finest cotton yarn available.

How Did Supima Cotton Come to Be?

The journey of Supima cotton stretches back to the early 20th century when a group of innovative American farmers sought to enhance the cotton industry. In the United States, where cotton farming has deep roots, these forward-thinking individuals envisioned a superior cotton variety with exceptional qualities that would transform the textile landscape.

Their efforts resulted in the creation of Supima cotton, a remarkable cotton variant renowned for its long-staple fibers. The term "Supima" itself is a blend of "Superior" and "Pima," referring to the superior qualities of this cotton combined with the Pima Indian tribe, known for their cultivation of high-quality Pima cotton in the southwestern United States.

Through meticulous breeding and selection, these visionary farmers successfully developed a cotton plant with impressively long fibers that exceeded the average length found in traditional cotton. The resulting fiber, now known as Supima cotton, reached new heights of excellence in terms of softness, strength, and durability.

Supima cotton is still cultivated in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, with growers adhering to strict guidelines and quality assurance measures. With each harvest, careful attention is given to maintaining the integrity of its exceptional traits and ensuring a continued supply of this coveted, top-quality cotton fiber.

What Makes Supima Cotton Better Than Normal Cotton?

Supima cotton surpasses normal, total cotton in multiple aspects, making it the preferred choice for those seeking exceptional quality and comfort in their cotton fabrics. 

Unrivaled Softness

The fiber length of Supima cotton contributes to its unbeatable softness, setting it apart from other kinds of cotton. The extra-long fibers create yarns that possess a remarkable smoothness, providing a luxurious touch against the skin. 

As you wrap yourself in a Supima cotton towel or lay on sheets crafted from this exceptional material, you'll experience a lavish comfort like no other. But the exceptional softness of Supima cotton doesn't end there. As time goes by, these cotton fibers become even softer, making every touch feel like an indulgence. When you choose Supima, you choose a level of softness that goes beyond what regular cotton can offer.

Outstanding Strength

Supima cotton exhibits outstanding strength, making it ideal for creating durable textiles that stand the test of time. Thanks to its extra-long staple fibers, Supima yarns are up to 45 percent stronger than those made from other cotton varieties. This superior strength allows for spinning tight and robust yarns that result in long-lasting products.

From bath towels to bed linens, Supima cotton textiles withstand frequent use and repeated washings without compromising their structural integrity. What's more, the exceptional strength of Supima cotton also enables manufacturers to use fewer chemicals during the manufacturing process. By selecting Supima for your cotton essentials, you enjoy amazing durability and contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly choice.

Vibrant Colors

Supima cotton's ability to produce vibrant colors is yet another reason why it stands above regular cotton. The strength of Supima yarns allows them to be spun into thinner threads, which, in turn, results in better color retention. This makes even the most simple cotton t-shirt a vibrant, eye-catching shade. 

The result is a rich and long-lasting color that enhances the appeal of any Supima cotton product. Whether you choose a vibrant hue or a subtle pastel shade, Supima cotton garments and textiles stay true to their colors over time.

Additionally, the reduced need for chemicals in the dyeing process contributes to the overall sustainability of Supima cotton. Revel in the beauty of Supima's vibrant colors and make a lasting impression.

supima cotton waffle towel

How Does Supima Cotton Make for a Better Bath Towel?

The longer fibers of Supima cotton create luxuriously smooth yarns, resulting in a towel that feels incredibly soft against your skin. As you wrap yourself in a Supima cotton towel, you'll experience a level of comfort that surpasses regular cotton towels. But the luxurious softness doesn't stop there — Supima cotton towels actually become even softer over time, becoming a source of delight with each use.

In addition to unmatched softness, the exceptional strength of Supima cotton ensures that your towel can withstand the demands of daily use. Supima yarns, being up to 45 percent stronger than other cotton varieties, contribute to the overall durability of the towel. This means your Supima towel will maintain its quality and integrity, remaining intact even after countless washes.

Furthermore, Supima cotton's strength allows for the creation of tightly spun yarns, resulting in a towel that is strong, long-lasting, and highly absorbent. The tightly packed fibers efficiently wick away moisture, making your towel quick-drying.

Supima cotton's ability to produce vibrant and long-lasting colors adds another dimension to towel quality. The rich hues that can be achieved with Supima yarns enhance the visual appeal of your towels, ensuring they remain vibrant and beautiful even after numerous washes.

Supima Cotton & Onsen Towels

At Onsen, we believe in keeping life simple. We are grounded by the belief that more is not always better. We want daily life to be uncluttered so we can focus on what truly matters. 

We don’t mind if our closets aren’t stuffed — in fact, we’d rather have tidy closets containing a few quality towels vs. a mountain of not-so-great ones. For these reasons, our line ofwaffle towels is made with 100 percent USA-grown Supima cotton

This means our towels are:

  • Highly absorbent
  • Antibacterial thanks to quick-drying fabric
  • Durable
  • Space saving thanks to less bulk
  • Machine washable & get better with each wash
  • OEKO-TEX® certified against toxic chemicals

Once You Try Onsen’s Supima Cotton Towels...You’ll Never Use Your Old Towels

While normal cotton may have its merits, it falls short compared to Supima cotton's extraordinary qualities. Regular cotton fibers are typically shorter, resulting in a coarser texture and reduced softness. Normal cotton also lacks the exceptional strength of Supima, leading to products from retailers that may not endure daily use or multiple washes.

When it comes to towels, quality is of utmost importance. You deserve a towel that provides exceptional softness and stands the test of time.

With its long-staple fibers and exceptional strength, Supima cotton transforms the towel experience from ordinary to extraordinary. The combination of Supima's unbeatable softness and outstanding durability makes it the perfect choice when searching for a towel that offers both comfort and longevity. 

When you invest in an Onsen Supima cotton towel, you're not just purchasing an every day essential — you're embracing unparalleled quality and the embodiment of luxurious comfort. Elevate your towel experience with Supima products and indulge in a superior level of softness, durability, and style designed to last.

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