Supima Cotton

When it comes to cotton, fiber length determines the quality. Most cotton apparel and textiles are made from the short-staple variety. But to make something high-quality, luxurious, and built to last, long-staple Supima is the only way to go. That’s why Supima is one of the most rare and sought-after fibers in the world, ranking in the top 1% of fine cottons. The extra-long fibers are 50% longer than conventional cotton, and they can be spun into the softest, strongest, and finest cotton yarn available.

Unrivaled Softness
Supima cotton’s fiber length gives the yarns a smoothness that’s unbeatable by other cottons. The smooth yarns result in a soft hand that feels great against the skin and only gets softer over time.

Outstanding Strength
Supima yarns are up to 45% stronger than other cottons. They can be spun into very tight yarns that make strong, durable, and long-lasting textiles that use less chemicals in manufacturing processes.

Vibrant Colors
Supima yarns can be spun very fine thanks to their strength. These thinner yarns take up dyes much better, giving them a rich color that lasts a long time. It also means less chemicals to enhance the dyeing process.


Raw Supima cotton in bags


The Bigger Picture

But it’s not just the cotton fibers that are different, it’s everything from the way it’s farmed to the supply chain to the certifications. The select family farms that grow Supima use the most advanced water and soil management tech to ensure the health of their land so they can continue to use it for generations. Supply chain traceability guarantees authenticity. And the superior strength of the fibers means they need less chemicals and coatings to survive the manufacturing process.

By every measure, Supima cotton has a leg up on the competition—especially when you look at the Onsen towel

When there’s only one material in a product like our 100% Supima cotton towels, you can’t accept anything less than the best. The three properties that make Supima superior—strength, softness, and color retention—are what make it the perfect material for the Onsen towel.

  • Comfort: The smooth, clean fibers of the Supima cotton make yarns whose softness is straight up unrivaled by any other cotton
  • Resilience: The strength of the fibers not only ensures that the towel lasts a long time, but that it does its job well for the life of the towel
  • Practical Luxury: The combination of softness and strength gives the Onsen towel a luxurious look and feel with no pilling or wrinkling, plus everyday workhorse usability
  • Waffle Weave: Supima is the only fiber we could achieve our signature waffle weave with, which gives Onsen towels their quick-drying breathability and exceptional absorbency
  • Lightweight: Lighter, thinner yarns woven into an open weave result in a remarkably lightweight towel that still feels substantial
  • Colorfastness: The strength and thinness of the Supima fibers allow us to garment wash our towels, giving them rich colors that won’t fade