Complete Set

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Thanks to the unique waffle weave of the Onsen towels in this complete set, it’s seriously lightweight—you can even see through the airy weave if you hold it up to the light—but it absorbs water better than even the plushest terry bath towels out there. The super strong supima cotton gives the towel a resilience that means it’ll do its job just as well on day one as it will the last day of its life. And thanks to it’s open weave, it dries out quickly after you use it, so you’ll never reach for a wet, musty towel after a shower ever again.

Set includes: bath sheet, bath towel, hand towel, face towel

  • Woven from the softest, smoothest cotton on Earth to make sure it feels great when you use it
  • Thirsty waffle weave soaks up water fast and dries itself out quick when you’re done
  • Made from 100% American-grown supima cotton
  • The strength of extra long cotton fibers create a longer lasting fabric that does its job well for the life of the towel
  • Gets better over time as the waffle weave gets deeper and thirstier with use
  • Lightweight and storage friendly—about 30% lighter and 50% less bulky versus average terry towels
  • Garment washing makes the towels even softer and gives it the signature 3D texture of the weave
  • Compressible weave and lightweight build make it a great option for travel when you want to bring your own towel
  • OEKO-TEX® certified

When it comes to square footage, Onsen towels provide the same coverage as most other towels. But where it really shines is in that Weight column down there, clocking in at a quarter of the weight of many other towels while offering superior absorbency and strength.

Dimensions Weight
Bath Sheet 38 x 67”
97 x 170 cm
22.2 oz
630 g
Bath Towel 31 x 57”
79 x 145 cm
16.5 oz
470 g
Hand Towel 16 x 30”
41 x 76 cm
5.3 oz
150 g
Face Towel 12 x 12”
31 x 31 cm
1.8 oz
50 g

A different kind of towel
that’s luxuriously soft,
really absorbent,
and dries like its job
depends on it

Our process

Strength testing of fibers to
guarantee a long-lasting towel

Supima yarns woven into our
signature lightweight waffle weave

Edges bound and finished by a
human being to ensure quality

Garment washed for softness
and a relaxed, open weave

Quality checked for consistent
stitching, loose threads, and size

Washing/drying tests that check for
shrinkage, strength, and colorfastness