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Superior towels crafted from 100% Supima cotton sourced in the USA.

- Longer-lasting + up to 45% stronger than other kinds of cotton
- Quick-drying weave prevents must + odor
- 30% lighter than average terry towels

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“Onsen’s distinct waffle-knit towels are the rare online favorite that actually over deliver on performance.”

“This material is extremely absorbent and super light, which allowed us to dry off more quickly using a towel that never felt heavy, even when wet.”

“I liked [Onsen] so much I bought a second set, and now they’re my go-to towels - I refuse to shower without a clean one at the ready.”

“The Bath Robe design is deep-pocketed and hooded; the fit is oversized and relaxed; the weave is waffly and lightweight.”

Better Experience

The Inspiration Behind the Towel

Inspired by his Japanese heritage and his time spent living and working in Japan, our founder wanted to design a towel that embodies product functionality while elevating the basic routine of bathing into a joyful ritual.

Better Basics

Classically woven and hand-finished, our signature Waffle Towel is crafted of 100% Supima cotton, with a deep, thirsty texture.

Supima is one of the rarest, most sought-after cottons in the world. Its extra-long fibers are 50% longer than those of conventional cotton, so they can be spun into the softest, strongest, finest cotton yarn available.

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Supima Cotton

Crafted of 100% American-grown Supima cotton. Supima’s extra-long fibers are 50% longer than those of other cottons, so they can be spun into yarn that’s up to 45% stronger, too. This means your towel is an investment that has a long, durable life.

Exceptional Strength

Because Supima cotton is up to 45% stronger than other cotton, our towels last longer, so you spend less money over time on better quality products.

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Made of 100% USA Sourced Supima Cotton

Benefits of Our Waffle Towel


Supima’s extra-long staple fiber creates the softest, smoothest cotton yarn in the world–so soft that it’s often used as a substitute for silk.


We grow our cotton in Arizona and southern California, and are licensed by Supima®. The Supima® trademark is a testament to the fact that we’re growing the best quality cotton with as little environmental impact as possible.

Vibrant Colors

Supima yarns can be spun very fine thanks to their strength. This means it takes up dyes much better, giving them a rich color that lasts a long time.

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Waffle Bath Robe

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Made with 100% Supima® cotton and a breathable weave for a satisfying feel that won't weigh you down.

  • OEKO-TEX® certified
  • Generously sized for a relaxed fit
  • Unisex


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